Making your help count

Lending a hand in Guatemala

Loving Cuba

Our Relationship with a Church in Armenia

Voice of the Children has a longstanding relationship with a church in Armenia. This church has a tremendous heart for the people around it, where the material and spiritual needs are great. The church has been able to take seed money provided by Voice of the Children and greatly magnify its effect. Where the church…

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The Rural County of San Benito

The rural County of San Benito, south of the Bay Area is home to many agricultural workers. Some are migrants, others permanent. Many of them are recent immigrants, and many do not speak English. These are the people producing food you might have on your table tonight – Earthbound Farms organic bagged salad greens, Christopher…

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Kotli Children’s Centre, Russia

Kotli Children’s Center was developed in 1999. For 4 years it served as a home for a total of 70 street children. This rural home, 2 hours outside of St. Petersburg, on a working farm was an ideal site for children to break free from their difficult street lives Since 2003 the center has hosted…

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