We thank God that the doors have been opening in Cuba. Many Americans think that this is the end of troubles for Cubans, but the opposite is probably true. This is like the opening up of the Soviet Union-instead of naïve expectations that life would be sunny and prosperous in Russia, it fell into chaos, shortages, and suffering. We see many people in need in Cuba. Despite the changes at the government level, we expect to see these needs for a long time. In fact, it is likely the humanitarian needs will actually worsen before they improve. We see children with no shoes, elderly with no food, sick people with no medicine. We have so much and they have so little. Almost every year, hurricanes and floods hit the island, devastating homes and leaving people with no shelter and no building materials available to fix them. Our hearts feel the burden for these people, and we have spent over eight years serving them through local churches.

We have the opportunity to transport precious necessities, distributing them through churches and sharing the gospel in Cuba. We plan to purchase an airplane for this purpose. Private flight involves less red tape and time than sending a shipping container. It gives great flexibility, so we can respond quickly and efficiently when natural disasters strike. Owning the airplane allows for many flights back and forth. The plane will allow many U.S. churches who already partner with Cuban churches to be that much more effective.

We pray that God will touch your heart and that you will seriously consider helping us to be a blessing to these wonderful people.