Yacht Purchase Agreements

A first abrupt advice on how to buy a yacht at best, can also be a very smart thing. Do you know what the difference is when you make an offer as an individual or through a holding company? What may seem like insignificant overshights can cause you to spend a very high amount of taxes if you are not careful from the start. Once the sales bill is executed, the purchase is completed and the buyer is free to use his new yacht. The buyer can then also be registered in his favour. We look forward to helping you in this process. At the same time, all unpaid mortgages, yards bills or other charges on the yacht that accrue to the seller will be settled with the proceeds of the sale and the final proceeds of the net sale will be transferred to the seller. The offer as well as the accompanying conditions are then submitted by us to our customer, the seller. I hope that the offer will be accepted; Otherwise, negotiations may take place to reach a level acceptable to both parties, at which the purchase may move to the development of formal agreements. Feeling safe and your risks reduced and protected is one of the best ways to make an investment. Investments are never 100% safe, but we want to help our customers by reducing the chances of a failure or a bad purchase. The main purpose of a sea measurement and/or sample is not to find a reason to renegotiate the agreed supply level, but to determine the condition and suitability of the yacht for the buyer. The exchange of agreements also obliges the seller to continue the agreement and to require that he no longer be able to use the yacht once a maritime measurement and/or test has taken place.

While the conditional purchase and sale contract offers the possibility for further negotiations after questioning and/or testing the sea, it is important to remember that a used yacht cannot be expected to be measured or performed as a new yacht. Any good investigation will inevitably lead to a long list of objects requiring short, medium or long-term attention as part of the essential routine maintenance in the possession of the yacht. In very simple terms, all costs associated with a buyer`s satisfaction with the suitability of a yacht are costs that fall on their account. In addition to direct surveying costs, the cost of lifting or starting a yacht for surveying and/or sea testing, as well as all recommissioning fees charged for test systems, are generally transferred to the buyer`s account.