Withdrawal Agreement Article 129

the agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, considering that it is in the interests of both the Union and the United Kingdom; set a transition or implementation period during which, despite all the consequences of the UK`s withdrawal from the EU, the UK`s participation in EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, and in particular the end of the terms of all members of EU institutions, bodies and agencies appointed or elected as part of the UK`s accession to the EU , EU law, including international agreements, should apply to the UK and the United Kingdom. , and, in general, with the same effect for the Member States, in order to avoid disruptions during the period of negotiation of the agreement on future relations, PROCHE THAT THE RELATIONS APPLICABLE TO THE UNION AND THE UNITED NATIONS 2. In the event of disagreement between the Union and the United Kingdom over the reasonable period of time to comply with the arbitration panel`s decision, the complainant asks in writing to the arbitration panel to stop the reasonable period of time within forty days of the respondent`s notification in paragraph 1. This request is notified to the respondent at the same time. The arbitration panel notifies the EU and the United Kingdom of its decision on the deadline for compliance within 40 days of filing the application. The EU air transport law, which was not applicable at Gibraltar Airport before the withdrawal agreement came into force, applies to Gibraltar Airport only from the date set by the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee takes the decision on this matter after the United Kingdom and Spain have indicated that they have reached a satisfactory agreement on the use of Gibraltar Airport. 136.La decision to extend the transition would be made by the joint committee. This means that it would not be vetoed by some Member States in the Council, but there still needs to be an agreement with the EU and a `negotiation`138 As we have said above (paragraph 37), there is also the issue of transparency in the joint committee. It is far from clear what information would be made available to the British Parliament (and the negotiation of the withdrawal agreement did not set a good precedent).

It is also far from clear what role Parliament would play in authorizing such an extension (or what payment would be due).