Umw Guaranteed Admission Agreement

The university has special agreements with some colleges and universities to use our students. The Virginia Community College system also works assiduously on behalf of all students attending one of Virginia`s 23 community colleges, including CBT students. For more information on the agreement, please see the links below. The Guaranteed Transfer Partnership Agreement lays the groundwork for cooperation to facilitate the smooth transfer of NOVA graduates to UMW. This partnership represents another important step forward in controlling the costs of closing. The agreement sets out the criteria for ensuring NOVA graduates are admitted to the UMW and outlines educational benefits that go beyond the benefits provided by the existing Guaranteed Admission Agreement between the UMW and the Virginia Community College system. In addition, the agreement sets out other conditions to ensure that UMW and duale NOVA jointly assist students, whether online or in person. “Mary Washington University will be a better place because of NOVA,” Paino said. “The goal of this agreement is to work with our Community College partner to create opportunities for students, where they can easily, quickly and quickly reduce their degree. More importantly, this partnership involves bringing together students from different backgrounds who have different perspectives in places like Mary Washington and NOVA, who not only learn together, but work together to solve problems together, serve and learn from each other. Andrea Luna, NOVA Alumna and future UMW student, was secretary, vice-president and president of the Association of Student Governments (SGA), the French Cultural Club and student ambassador during her participation in NOVA. Luna said that when she first heard about the transfer partnership between NOVA and UMW, she knew she wanted to continue her active engagement by serving as a nova alumni liaison to help students transfer to UMW. “This guaranteed transfer partnership agreement between NOVA and the University of Mary Washington aims to create a common experience between two institutions,” said Ralls.

“A recent study found that graduates of the Commonwealth Community College of Virginia, graduates of a four-year public university, have about 17 credits more on their transcripts than students who started at a university. What we are celebrating in forming these transfer partnerships is better direction and collaboration to ensure the success of our students. The purpose of the transfer agreement is to ensure that Germanna graduates are welcomed with an engineering arts and sciences associate and, in some cases, a partner in Applied Science Degree, who have acquired a GPA under the GPA established by the transfer school.