Testimonial Agreement Definition

These include names, email addresses, photos and places that can be displayed next to a testimonial or evaluation. First, let`s take a look at the effectiveness of the testimonials, and then we go on four important legal advice for proper use. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that in U.S. companies, an alarming number of certificates were in fact fictitious and misleading. In December 2009, they introduced a new certificate regulation. [7] For the most part, it is now illegal to use certificates that are “… Mislead consumers and influence consumer behaviour or decisions about the product or service. However, despite the new rules, online consumers often view testimonials with a high degree of skepticism. Private sector companies have begun providing test verification services to help consumers verify the authenticity of testimonials. Once you`ve created a testimonial page, don`t forget to promote it. Send it to the customers you`ve introduced, to your sales reps and even to your other customers if you think they`d be interested.

And don`t forget to link to your testimonial page on your homepage, on your “About Us” page, or as part of your general browsing. Customer relationships are ideal for your business. You create customer trust, create goodwill for your product and show potential customers a positive brand history. But there are some things you need to be careful about when using them. Supporters and testimonies are subject to the laws of truth-telling. 99designs takes a somewhat unconventional approach on its testimonial side. With a star rating system that is not normally visible in sector B2B (sp. Yelp and TripAdvisor), the page is titled with a striking video, with customer reviews below. In addition, it is possible for users to categorize customer reviews so that they can read the most relevant reviews.

About the author: Leah Hamilton is a qualified solicitor and author who works at TermsFeed, where companies can establish legal agreements in minutes with the generator. But there are certain rules that you should follow if you use testimonials or recommendations. The law says they must be truthful and not misleading. You have to make sure that all the testimonials are correct.