System Upgrade Agreement

Important note: Software upgrade agreements are not mandatory, but we reserve the right to charge the equivalent of all missed payments for upgrades to our latest versions if the user decides for any reason, including changes in tax legislation, legislative changes, new improvements, incompatible operating systems, etc. An Ugrade software agreement ensures that you will never face payment of missed upgrade payments. Motorola`s System Upgrade Agreement offers TETRA and ASTRO 25 hardware, software and implementation services to enable system expansion, increased coverage, additional users, and the latest features and capabilities. If you are using an early version of our programs, please update to the current versions. To contact our software upgrade team, click on the map below to find the distributor responsible for your area. A Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA) entitles you to free upgrades to the most important versions of AM-WIN, which are released from time to time. It also allows us to automatically send you any smaller program updates that may occur throughout the year due to troubleshooting or program improvements. Supported software updates are made available to the customer after being unlocked by AM-WIN. These updates can be downloaded from this site.

PACOM offers customers the opportunity to enhance the value of their initial investment in our solutions through a Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA). This agreement is concluded directly with the end customer, but it can be included in the sale of the product as offered by a pacom “Value Added Reseller”. The PACOM SUA has been carefully designed to ensure maximum customer protection and increase the value of your security investment by going beyond the benefits usually associated with a manufacturer`s standard software warranty. Our upgrade path is customer-oriented and as our users` requests come from a large number of industries, we do our best to integrate them into our range of programs. Currently, we see at least one upgrade every six to nine months. We try to make sure that you get all these improvements and extensions with the latest versions for which we have a software upgrade agreement. A software agreement is a contract between you as a customer and us as software developers to provide you with the latest version of our programs, with all their extensions, enhancements and tools, as soon as they are released for a specified period of time. Click here to discuss your software upgrade with a consultant.

Our SUA program ensures that any PACOM customer, large or small, can use free software maintenance updates and updates to full versions each year of renewal. The program offers a simple way to stay up to date with the latest security technology, for much less than that offered by full product pricing.