Sample Kayak Rental Agreement

Prices, equipment availability and rental conditions can be changed without notice. Based on the furniture services of Kayak Jacks LLC, The kayak Jacks LLC local and/or equipment to allow me to participate in boarding by kayak, canoe or paddle, I agree that by renting this kayak (s) SUP (s) canoe (s) and/or follower of Green Adventure Sport Rentals, LLC I am responsible for damage or injuries that may occur while using equipment regardless of its leased condition. In signing this agreement, I understand that I am waiving my right to sue for compensation or other remedies in the event of a violation of my property, property or death, but which were caused by my use of Equipment or Programs from Green Adventure Sport Rentals, LLC. I understand that there are risks associated with water sports and the pulling of a trailer. I recognize that I deserve the skills to properly use the devices rented above. I also recognize that I will use the device safely, which is not in contradiction with the recommended usage or manufacturing standards. I am aware of the dangers associated with the use of outdoor equipment, including, but not limited to physical or mental injuries, paralysis, death or damage to myself, property or shares of shares to third parties. I understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without compromising the essential qualities of the business. I also agree that if every item I rent from Green Adventure Sport Rentals, LLC, if I am damaged, bulked or moved, I will pay those losses or damages according to the prices shown later on this form. I agree that if Green Adventure Sport Rentals, LLC incur costs related to the recovery of damages or losses (such as court costs), I will compensate or pay Green Adventure Sport Rentals, LLC for these costs as well as the cost of damaged or lost items.

Curved paddle, folded canoe (wrapped) and stand up paddle boards (SS) or damaged kayaks are charged for replacement. If I do not return the product within 3 business days of the due date, I authorize Green Adventure Sport Rentals, LLC. to load the full purchase price of the products (see below) on my credit card, minus the down payment. I understand and agree that I am fully liable for damage to the product or loss during the period in which it is registered, and in the event of damage or loss, I authorize Green Adventure Sport Rental, LLC. to calculate the replacement or repair fee on my credit card, minus the deposit. I understand that Green Adventure Sport Rentals offers a waiver of damages before the equipment is recovered and I agree that Green Adventure Sport Rentals, if I purchase the cancellation of damages, will cover the costs of repairing or replacing the items as long as the damage is not caused by wilful abuse or misuse of the equipment and/or is used in violation of local, government or federal laws and regulations. I also understand that the abandonment of damage does not cover loss or theft, and I agree to pay for losses or theft of equipment. I also understand that the abandonment of damages does not exempt me from other debts such as, but not only, additional property damage, injury or death from the use, storage or transportation of rental equipment.