Preferential Agreements Under Which The Goods Are Being Exported Wherever Applicable

4) the importer of the products subject to verification; (iii) the products were shipped during the exhibition or immediately after to the importing party in the state in which they were shipped for the exhibition. (i) objects collected within the party that can no longer fulfil their original purpose, can still be restored or repaired and are only suitable for the removal or upgrading of parts of raw materials or for recycling purposes; and (high shoes of which 50% or more of the outer area are textile materials) 2.CONDITIONS: To benefit from a preferential tariff under AIFTA, the “agreement” refers to the agreement on the exchange of goods under the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), signed on 13 August 2009. and that they meet the original requirements set for these products at the preferential rate of the ASEAN-INDE free trade area for products exported in 19. When the destination of all or part of the products exported to a particular port of a party is changed before or after their arrival with the importing party, it should be noted: – (ii) non-native materials have undergone at least one modification of the tariff subheading (CTSH): namely, in the six-digit range of the harmonized system, 1.1.Contracting parties that adopt this form for preferential tariff treatment under the ASEAN-INDE Free Trade Agreement (AIFTA): raw materials, ingredients, components, components, subgroups or products that are physically incorporated into other products or are subject to a manufacturing process for other products; 4.The exporter and/or producer of products receiving preferential tariff treatment contact the issuing authority of the exporting party in writing, which requests verification of the origin of the products before export. The result of the audit, which must be reviewed regularly or, if necessary, accepted as proof of the origin of the products exported at a later date.