Loving Cuba

Alex connects with kids coming home from school.  It doesn't take them long to get out of those uniforms.
This is a great mode of transportation!  The red dirt is typical of Cuba's soil, and seen all over the island.
In the workshop of a woodworker.  Chicken coops line the left wall.

We had another successful trip to Cuba in April.  Alex and Maranatha Church from San Diego were in the eastern part of the island.  Alex was glad to be back on the eastern side, and this was Maranatha's first time  in that region.  They met with many pastors and churches, accompanied a baptism, and connected with dear friends.  Alex especially enjoyed the moments he could go out, buy bits of food, and sit down quietly and share meals with elderly people he met.  The group spent time planning for the summer youth camp, as well as reviewing progress of church constructions.  As we always see there, more people continue to become believers, drawn to the hope that Christ brings.  Several on the trip had been in Cuba multiple times, but as usual, over half of the group were there for the first time.  And, as always, they returned home profoundly moved and impressed by what they saw, and the life and spirit of believers in Cuba.