Maggiore Rental Agreement

Insurance companies and claims managers with respect to the insurance funds you purchase in connection with your rent For rent paid in advance, the transaction is concluded at the time of confirmation of the booking. All additional fees will be deducted from the customer`s credit card when the rental agreement is concluded. If it turns out that the actual cost is less than the amount blocked at the beginning of the rent on the credit card, the difference is released as soon as the fee automatically, from that date, our relationship with our client`s credit card ends. Therefore, Maggiore Rent cannot be held responsible for the extra time made available by the credit institutions to release what is still bound after the end of the rent (usually 15-20 days after Maggiore`s arrival). A rental day is defined as 24 hours, calculated from the time you pick up the vehicle; At the end of the 24 hours, you will be charged a second full day of rental. However, when booking or withdrawing your vehicle, you can request a “Time Extension Supplement” that allows you to return the vehicle up to 1 hour and 59 minutes after the 24-hour limit, as shown in the AmicoBlu fare list. Payment is usually deducted at the end of the rent and includes the cost of additional special equipment, supplements or other extras (z.B. fuel). If the rent lasts more than one month, the payment is made on the 30th day of each month. These legitimate interests are: (a) to ensure effective management and management of your relationship with us, including potential rents with us; (b) understand how our customers use our services and manage our fleet; (c) conduct research and analysis on the services or products our customers want or how they want us to improve our services and products; (d) understand how our customers use our websites and applications and identify all problems related to the use of websites and applications and how to improve our customers` user experience; (e) inform our customers of the different products and services we can offer; (f) understand and respond to customer feedback; (g) to better customize and customize the promotions and benefits we offer our customers; (h) prevent, detect or investigate the unauthorized use of our vehicles and systems and ensure that we comply with laws and guidelines; and (i) to deal with litigation and accidents and to receive legal or other advice. A. Speeding- If on the e35 in the north-south and vice versa, they not only have flashes everywhere, they also have average flashes… My recommendation is not speed…

Otherwise, you get the fine a few months later, in addition to a 60 euro fee from the Rental-Co I write because when I was looking for cars, I was super afraid of what I had read about this company in Italy. It turns out that my fears were created. It seems that most people have problems with car rental in general because they have not read the fine print. I rented a class of maggiore on autoeurope at an incredible price. No extra fees, no upselling, no pressure at all. Just no to supplementary insurance, no to everything, and she told me she would charge me 150 for incidental costs – she didn`t calculate the deductible or doesn`t hold it (which can happen). When I went out to check the vehicle, I had the lady notice the damage I saw, and it was okay. If you are the victim of an accident or loss, theft, damage or mechanical failure during your rental, we will collect information about this incident, including your incident report and all police reports or other third-party reports, including information provided by the parties involved, as well as the nature of the personal injury and/or damage to the vehicle and the optional extras. We will use this information to enter into our contract with you (z.B the rental contract and/or the terms of optional supplementary insurance).

for our legitimate business interests (for example. B when recovering the costs of loss or damage to the vehicle); relating to the enforcement of legal obligations to our