Hertz Uber Rental Agreement

10. Return of the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle may at any time, at the sole discretion of the owner, for reasons that include, but are not limited: late payment, it is found parked illegally, used to break the law or the terms of this agreement, or appears to be abandoned. If the vehicle is taken back, the tenant is prepared to bear the real and reasonable costs associated with the recovery of the vehicle. The owner agrees that these fees will be charged on the card used to rent the vehicle. Lyft says the restrictions come from car rental partners and are influenced by insurance requirements. However, Uber drivers who rent a car through Hertz do not have minimum driving conditions, although they can only drive for one service at the same time, according to an Uber representative. Hertz declined to comment and said the terms of the partnership contracts were confidential. 11. Insurance. The tenant agrees to obtain a complete understanding of the insurance policy and understands that there is a deductible of $2,500 for any damages. Insurance ends at the precise time of the rental and end-of-year period.

At the expiry of the insurance, which is valid only during the rental period, no fee is adjusted. Only licensed and reputable tenants are allowed to drive rental cars, subject to applicable government laws. The tenant understands and accepts that in states that require a landlord to check a tenant`s driver`s license to verify that the license has been issued to the tenant, return will work with Flexdrive by transmitting, as is the case, the driver`s license physically to Lyft and (b) to obtain real and real photos of the driver`s license via the Lyft app or other electronic means , reported by Lyft or Flexdrive, transmitted to Lyft. To the extent permitted by law, non-tenants are expressly prohibited from driving a rental car at any time. In addition, to the extent permitted by law, the tenant may not authorize any other person to drive a rental car other than the specified tenant, which has been leased and assigned to a particular rental car in accordance with this agreement. The tenant assumes responsibility for any damage, loss or injury of third parties resulting from the use of the rental car by an unauthorized user and, if Flexdrive is legally liable for damages, losses or injuries, Renter undertakes to defend and compensate Flexdrive to the extent that this is authorized by applicable legislation. Regardless of the above, Renter may register for the use of the Services if the licensed driver of the tenant (a “certified driver”) of Flexdrive is licensed to operate a rental car and that licensed driver agrees, by accepting this Agreement, to operate any rental car under the terms of this Agreement. When the program started in 2016, Lyft allowed drivers to use the cars as much as they wanted if they didn`t work for the service. As of May 13, the rental agreement for drivers who have rented a car through Lyft`s partner Flexdrive now includes 750 personal miles per week in the Bay Area.