Agreements Communication

Time zone protocols are described in the team agreement to clarify how people communicate when they are not in the same time zone and therefore cannot have periods with supervised availability for synchronous communications such as video calls. Team agreements are established by the team for the team. Horizons Communication Agreements, published in every classroom, guides interpersonal communication in our school for adults and students. These guidelines were developed by the Horizons Council and reflect the values of parents, teachers, administration and students. Parents develop effective communication links with the school: a communication partner is a person who is currently communicating or in contact with another person and therefore requires routine communication over a period of time. A communication partner may be a student, teacher, son, daughter, parents, grandparents, cousin, aunt, uncle, spouse, friend, acquaintance, therapist, client, employee, supervisor, employee, employer, neighbor or other. They can be neurotypical or on the autism spectrum. A team agreement is a set of values, principles or behaviours that a team uses to improve their communication and hold each other to account. This treaty can cover areas such as member cooperation. B decision-making, communication, information exchange and mutual support. Social contracts clearly describe the standards on how members interact with each other.

It is also important to outline the behaviours that team members must apply to hold each other accountable to team agreements. And the most important thing is that team values and team agreements cannot be dictated by a manager to the team. Only your team really knows what it takes, so outside influence should be minimized. There are two general approaches to establishing team agreements. How do we give feedback to each other? How should we report to each other that we are breaking agreement? What do we do if someone systematically violates our agreements? Eliminating time zone dependency for synchronous communication requires some significant changes in the way your team works.