Agreement For Child Support Philippines

Lately, however, we have doubts as to whether the children are really his. We want a DNA test to confirm my husband`s paternity to his children, to make sure he doesn`t support other people`s children. In this context, do we need the mother`s consent to perform the DNA tests? Or my husband`s approval, since he is their legal father according to the birth certificate? If you could give us a list of accredited DNA testing centres here in Manila, the results of which are credible and acceptable in court. The Philippine government punishes the absence or refusal of financial assistance. This means that non-compliance and detention of custody are punishable, as they are also contrary to R.A. 9262, known as violence against women and children. My ex-husband sends money to my son, but 6k, but not consistent. And I have to call him back. Today, he lives in Australia. My son is 11 years old. Is 6k enough? I wanted to ask for a raise and substantial support, but it blocked me on msgr, which is our only communication opportunity. Even with tuition fees, I was the one who paid more, even though he was an engineer in Singapore at the time.

And I`m unemployed this time. Yes, yes. Single-parent families have the right to demand legal rights because the 1987 Philippine Constitution contains provisions for child assistance that work under the Violence Against Women and Children Act. DSWD and Barangay can often support or facilitate these agreements. It`s very instructive. I need help and advice. My husband has been working abroad for 6 years and has no support for our two children. When I was still working in the office, he often left the support because he had too many obligations in the country where he works. I have reached a point where I have had to resign from my office work because I have to take care of our two children. Two years ago, I caught him in a scam, and he admitted it last year when he came back here for a vacation.

He told me about all his philandering activities that began six years ago when he came to this country. Last year, he subtly asked me if he wanted to become a Muslim because he had found peace with religion, which contrasts with the stories he kept telling me before, that he hated Muslims because of their “non-sensual” religion. So I assumed he had found a girl to get married. His father told me that he was already renting a place, so he didn`t send any money. His contract with his employer comes with free accommodation and you would only rent a place in this country if you have a wife and/or family with you. Whenever I ask him to help him, he will always tell me that it is my fault and that I keep his sons away from him, which is not true. He knows where we live. He knows my numbers. But he would tell everyone that I blocked him, even if I don`t. He also circulated the rumor that our last child born was not his son because he did not look like him or because he was not white enough as he was.

His family treated our last son as if he were not really their family. I asked him why it was the same with him and his father, and he said I`m on the defensive. I even bankrupt and credit a lot of my savings because he asked me to fund his two elections, which he unfortunately lost. He owes money to my brothers and sisters and has no intention of paying them. Every time he goes on vacation here, he would go to the game and ask me for money because all his money is gone. Every time I ask him to watch out for the children, he will say that he deserves a break from work. And when he`s back abroad, he has the same excuse he deserves to buy happiness in the form of expensive gadgets.