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2. Complete the contract evaluation form below and add a clean copy of your contract. The ASA offers a sectoral evaluation of your editorial offer and our pro-bono partner Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers advises you on the terms of the contract. Banki Haddock Fiora is a commercial firm specializing in intellectual property, with experience in publishing law. This service gives you the opportunity to get advice from experts. The consent and kappa coefficients were 99.98% and 0.740 (IC 95%: 0.677-0.803) for life/stillbirth, respectively. Kappa coefficients for infant sex, age of pregnancy at birth, Labour induction and caesarean delivery were 0.989 (95% CI: 0.988-0.989), 0.920 (95% CI: 0.919 -0.920), 0.782 (95% CI: 0.780-0.785) and 0.995 (95% CI: 0.0 995-0.996). Kappa approval for the number of fetuses in a pregnancy was 0.979 (95% CI: 0.977-0.981). The percentage of correspondence was very high for infant birth dates (99.9%), infant postcodes (91.8%), infant birth weight in grams (95.5%) and the date of birth of mothers (99.1%). Cohen J (1960) A coefficient of agreement for nominal scales. Educ Psychol Meas 20:37-46 Please note that this service is based on Australian laws, Australian industry standards and ASA guidelines. The ASA cannot comment on the sectoral practices of other countries and Banki Haddock Fiora cannot rule on contracts subject to the laws of other countries.

However, as many of the principles of publication are the same internationally, we are ready to review overseas agreements to help you identify general issues for negotiations with your publisher. This fee is available for the time and entry of the ASA into the board. The cost of evaluating contracts is heavily subsidized and we have made efforts to reduce costs as much as possible. As a quality assurance project, this data quality assessment was excluded from the audit conducted by the Research Ethics Board in Canada. Our contract evaluation service includes the following types of contracts: Miao, Q., Fell, D.B., Dunn, S. et al. Evaluation of key data elements for mothers and newborns between birth registries and clinical hospital databases in Ontario, Canada. Arch Gynecol Obstet 300, 135-143 (2019). This chapter refers to material from work published jointly by one of the authors: “Some other aspects of evaluating the agreement with bivariaten normal responses,” published in Int`l Jour. Statistics, 13, 2013, 1-19. Pieces were used here with the permission of the author Dr Ganesh Dutta and the publisher. Viera AJ, Garrett JM (2015) Understanding the Interobserver Agreement: Kappa Statistics.

Fam Med 37 (5): 360-363 THE ASA contract evaluation service is confidential. Your contract will be read by the ASA contract assessor and the competent lawyers of Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers. You will be a customer of Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers and your personal information, such as.B. The contact information will be provided to Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers and used to support your work on your contract. This information is not shared with third parties. Contract for evaluation or issuance of a special assessment, requirements – maximum assessment, pledge, when, right of preemption, when.; 1. You can submit your Christmas and New Year`s contract, but please note that your contract will not be reviewed until after the contract evaluation service resumes on Monday, January 11, 2021. 1.

Pay here the service fee for surveying the online contract. We used the numbers of the National Health Card to consistently link, during the 2012-2013-2014-2015 fiscal years, the live or dead birth records and the corresponding registers of mothers in the BORN database with CIHI-DAD. In % agree and Cohen Kappa`s statistics were used to assess the consistency on the main elements of the two databases.