Acca And Cia Agreement

You can find a link below on the ACCA information page to make sure you are eligible and have registered for the IIA, which is your responsibility: CIA examinations in Russian are totally equivalent to the CIA exams in English. English exams will provide exceptions for equivalent documents in Russian and vice versa. . . . Richard F. Chambers, President and CEO of IIA, said, “We are pleased to be able to work with ACCA on this development. This creates a basis for cooperation and cooperation between us, on which we will build in the future. The ACCA has also created a new resource for IIA and ACCA members participating in the internal audit, with a section on the ACCA website. These include guides and useful articles, including internal audits of executives and the audit committee. The program systematizes your knowledge and acquires practical skills in internal control, risk management and corporate governance. The knowledge, skills and techniques acquired are complete and can be applied in different organizations and professional settings. .

IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers said the organization looks forward to a partnership with the ACCA. The CIA Challenge exam pack is $1,195 for IIA members and $1,545 for non-IIA. Here is the press release of the ACCA, BHBi is proud to begin its courses: registration for the CIA exam begins on August 1, 2015. Alan Hatfield, executive director of strategy and development at ACCA, says members have already developed core skills through ACCA training, which address risk, internal control and corporate governance, all of which are seen as essential aspects of effective internal audit. “This is a great opportunity to enable current ACCA members to develop their expertise in this specialized area where it is clearly important to be qualified. . Visit the IIA website to learn more and register. BHBi is organising preparatory courses for this Challenge Exam in Cardiff from 19 to 22 October and from 26 to 29 October 2015.

You have to take both courses. Click here to register online The CIA Certificate confirms a strong professional qualification and gives an internal auditor a solid chance to build a successful career. Free participation. Please register as lunchtime is limited. “However, given the many recent news audits of the absence or poor quality of internal audit and its impact on shareholder confidence, now is the time to invest in internal audit.” WE DO JUST TRAIN YOU TO PASS EXAMS – WE TRAIN YOU TO BECOME PROFESSIONAL Auditors”BHBi launches its courses for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Challenge Exam.The deadline to complete this is November 2015.