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Mission statement

Reaching the forgotten internationally with Christ's love and hope for a real future.
We are a mobile serving family responding to God's lead wherever it takes us.


Magnify the widow's mite

Partnering with active believers

Who do we encourage with Bibles, equipment, finances and friendship?

  • The evangelist already walking miles to teach memorized scripture across the countryside
  • The church already serving meals to elderly out of their own empty cupboards
  • The pastor already serving, leading, and expecting God to show up
  • The believers with no money already rescuing drug addicts. The widow already offering her coins

Catalyze Local Christians

to fully and joyfully express Christ's gospel
Our vision helps you seize your calling

Who do we encourage with Bibles, equipment, finances and friendship?

  • A family of four from Washington State are spending a month this summer internationally serving churches after hearing Alex speak.
  • A Bible college caught Alex' vision and incorporated international ministry in into their standard curriculum in a fresh way.
  • "Thank you Alex. You taught us compassion for our lost children," Pastor Misha in Russian church when we moved away, leaving Life Orphanage in local hands
  • "We've been concentrating on our lives only, and we learned to be involved in other people's lives who don't have as much as we have." An American pastor offer an international trip with Alex.
  • "God has done more in me here than you can imagine." Attendee's comment during a women's retreat led by Marta

Reciprocal Kingdom relationships

building mutual friendships for the long run

Christ's joy - healthy interdependence - dignity

  • Making real friendships is hard, messy, and slow. But that is where the kingdom of God shines.
  • We open our lives and home to our partners
  • Students attending our English classes in our multicultural community became our friends, celebrating Christmas together.
  • Blessings flow in all directions out of relationships based on mutual respect, not money.

There is no division between "our ministry" and "our life".
For our family, this is our life.
Our vision is our life